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Welcome to our best Margarita mixes website and our signature Margarita Mixes. We are pleased to present our premium Margarita mixes developed late last year and completed this year during downtime from live events.  We now have (9) delicious Margarita mixes to offer plus all the numerous and scrumptious drink mix flavors we have offered for years.  We sell our products retail at craft shows, farmers markets, stores. wineries, bars, resorts, etc. We are often advised that Crimson Lion products are the finest tasting. All our products are Gluten Free as well. We also sell wholesale all over the country and beyond.

Crimson Lion originally began some years ago supplying jar products such as Specialty Salsa, Fruit Salsa, Jams, Condiments, Barbecue Sauces, and more. We soon developed a variety of wine slushies and cocktail drink mixes and have experienced steady growth of the extensive drink mixes menu continuing to add new flavors on a regular basis. 

Find out more about how we developed our secret recipe cocktail mixes and how you can experience the taste of one of our signature  Margarita cocktails at home or at a special event. Since the pandemic struck in early 2020, canceling all our events,  we decided to develop and expand our drink mixes line, by adding (8)  new Margarita flavors, bringing the new total to (9) mixes. We have dedicated this website to the Margarita mixes which we sell retail here via our online store. Crimson Lion has long been a leader in supplying the highest quality products for our customers. We continue to introduce new products and maintain the highest level of quality at the same time. 

Our focus on this website is to offer  Crimson Lion Margarita Mixes that are the best-in-class Margarita cocktail drink mixes available. We recommend the use of  Tequila in making your Margarita, as the label on the package will also introduce various recipes for consideration.  We also supply wine slushies and cocktail mixes that were initially developed to be made with red wine, white wine, vodka, rum, moonshine, tequila, whiskey, and many more alcohol-type cocktail mixers. The mixes are ready to go as they are kept fresh in sealed packages and inserted into high-quality stand-up pouches with an attached label along with detailed instructions.  The cocktails can be made as a frozen slushie, using a blender, the freezer bag method, or a straight-up cocktail. Our Best Margarita mixes are ideal for making in a frozen drink machine for larger home parties, restaurants, bars, resorts, etc.

The good news is no storage refrigeration is required for our Margarita cocktail and slushie mixes, unlike some other liquid-type mixes on the market. This saves on product waste and energy consumption.

The Margarita mix Recipes page on this website will provide further details about various cocktail recipes, recommended blenders, and alcohol recommendations for all the various flavors offered by Crimson Lion.

Feel free to Reach out to us today about our WHOLESALE MARGARITA AND COCKTAIL MIXES PROGRAM, which includes selling to wineries, distilleries, cruise ships, etc. and opportunities including private label options. We are pleased to help design and/or print labels if needed. We also sell to those individuals that wish to supplement their income doing craft fairs, fundraisers, festivals, etc. We strongly suggest that selling the best Margarita mixes by Crimson Lion for the finest road to success!

We currently offer wholesale, retail, fundraising, online store websites, as well as a physical store located in Massachusetts.  We are always available if there are any questions on how our wholesale program works, including answering fundraising, sales at events,  retail questions, etc. We would love to hear from you and welcome you as a new customer and partner.
Our main website featuring all products is:

We also are vendors at various craft shows, festivals, etc. We look forward to our region, world, and country getting ahead of this COVID-19 nightmare and returning back to normalcy. Wishing good health to everyone in the meantime and hope our paths cross soon.

Gregory Corcoran
Owner Crimson Lion

Watermelon Margarita Cocktail